Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Voila............Nail Painting at IoBM!! :D

I have been sharing a whole lot of products with you guys, so I thought of sharing how I had with nails at my university! :D

Some of the colors that we used 

While it seems inappropriate to apply nail colors in cafe of university :P but it has its own pleasure.....I will always remember this day.....had loads of fun. Here I will share some nail art done by my friends and some nail colors as well.

Rimmel's Red:
This color is an amazing red, its not very thick nor very runny.....its nice and stays on for long and is good enough to cover other colors if you are into nail art....
Rimmel's Red Color with blue- Red and Blue Stripes

 In the picture below, my friend put on all the colors available at looked nice with the floral print that she was wearing.....
In this picture, my friend has applied Color Studio's Sky Blue on index finger and Green on middle finger
 Golden Rose-
Golden Rose has a nice color range and some of its colors are amazing! However, it takes quite some time to dry as it is very runny and tends to look weird if you haven't kept your hands still for atleast half an hour----no kidding! If you have applied serious coats then it might even take more. I apply these colors only when I am watching movies or TV :P

Sweet Touch!
The black color used is of sweet touch, and I really liked it. Even though it costs somewhere around 80-100 PKR, it gives good results but I guess it doesn't have a long life and tends to chip off in a day or two at most.

So here is how the flowers are made:
My friend, Sidra, took out a small amount of black nail color on a piece of paper, then she dipped a hair pin in it and kinda stroked the color on the bottom half, giving the look of a semi-flower
Golden Rose- Coral
Rimmel's Red as base and flowers made by Color Studio's Mojito

Rimmel's Red and Blue of some brand I can't remember. The Black Dots made with the help of Sweet Touch's Black

Used Scotch tape to make these boxes
I hope you guys liked the nail art and nail colors. I know its not anything new but  I had a whale of time!! :D

Share your views about it if you have used it. Also, I would love to read from you about the post!! :D


  1. it was a lovely colorfull post..thanx 4 sharing with us..

  2. Thanx for commenting, Sahar :)

  3. wowww most beautiful most of nail colors i have ever seen :)

  4. What is the shade number on the Golden Rose coral color? Must hunt it down! :D

  5. Hi Atiya
    Thanx for commenting :)
    The Golden Rose Coral is Paris Nail Lacquer 94

  6. OOOH I have the same orange Golden Rose color!

  7. It's a very pretty shade ryt?


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