Sunday, 25 September 2011

My First Order!!! :D

I am not a fan of online shopping but shopping from has been on my priority list for quite some time. However, it was O.P.I.'s shatter polish that became my motivation!

As you can see from the picture above, I ordered;
1. O.P.I. Shatter Polish - Black......................PKR 850
2. Sleek Makeup Blush - Coral......................PKR 999
3. Revlon Creme Gloss - Just Blushed............PKR 490

Along with these, I got a free key chain from :) Thank you
Sleek Blush - Coral

Revlon Creme Gloss- Just blushed

I got this free key chain from

O.P.I. Shatter Polish- Black
LEGEN.......wait for it.........DAIRY!! Legendary!!

Honestly, these people haven't bribed me, but I have to admit I really did not expect such quick service.
First off, they have amazing products at very reasonable rates. Secondly, they have amazing service! That is a major plus, especially when you live in Pakistan and you get good service, it makes your day!
I had originally ordered Sleek Blush in Rose Gold, so I got a call the very same day that its out of stock, so I ordered Coral instead. The very next day I got a call from them asking for directions to my place. So I practically received the package the very next day. It Up!!! You guys are have won so many loyal customers, I am one of them now :)

Do visit, just take a are bound to order....Trust me! : )

P.S. I will be reviewing these products soon :)

Share your views about it if you have used it. Also, I would love to read from you about the post!! :D


  1. hey u seem like a HIMYM fan >> post witing for my package to arrive any day.too bad im far from KHI..

  2. I most definitely am a HIMYM fan.....especially Barney's :P

    I hope you get it soon. I love their service and the products that they have

  3. Barney is amazing character and actor..well,i did receive the parcel a moment after i posted this magic.but one of the products was broken.i've filed in the complaint.lets see wat happens.then i'll remark anything about service or products

  4. Aww....I don't know much about their return policy etc.....I hope ur problem is fixed though :O

    You should get a replacement i think

    Do letme know about their response :)

  5. replacement?no so scared to order something solid next time.i'll perhaps stick to tubes,pencils & pots.though i was planning to get sleek palette next.they simply refused to return or compensate first time saying it wasnt their fault,but then i explained that it was,cuz the package was not fixed & was rocking inside the box.they said they'll refund.i dunno how.they havent contacted me since yesterday either.wish me luck

  6. I got my order in a paper envelope......I don't know how you got should suggest to them that they shud use some plastic wrappings maybe, as pallettes and all tend to break usually :O
    TCS does that....they pack every item in plastic with those big air bubbles :P it keeps stuff safe

    They will refund you I guess, don't worry :)

    Good Luck :)

  7. hey
    they did refund me .so very supportive of them.thanks for wishing me luck ..

  8. nice haul, i placed my order too, would get it today! super excited!!

    im following u now, would love if u follow back:)

  9. WOw thats great :)
    i think I already follow your blog :)
    Looking forward to see ur post on your order :)

  10. woww very beautiful haul very nice blog Good luck :)

  11. thanx for wishing me luck and for becoming my follower :)


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