About Me

Born and raised in Karachi I am Fatima Ahmed. I have always had a knack for writing which is why I write about anything and everything that I find interesting. I thought it is about time that I start sharing my views with others. This blog is not just a beauty blog, it is my expression of things that I find appealing.

I am a student at this point in time and I write whenever I get time and I would love to make this blog worthwhile. Apart from writing and reading I love to design and stitch clothes for myself. I love wearing my own dresses as they give me a sense of accomplishment. I take pride in what I do and I feel that doing small things eventually make you do the larger stuff. I believe that in order to make a difference in my life or future, I need to make changes in my daily routine. It has worked for me big time. To share what I create I will upload my clothes etc in the section of "my creations" in this blog.

I love to shop and would love to take you to virtually shop with me through stores as well.

I love participating in events, attending plays and other social events and I will keep you updated on those too :)

I am a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, How I Met your Mother and many more shows.

It has not been long since I have fallen in love with beauty products but I am totally crazy about them as of now.

Phew! That's about it for now....you will learn more about me on your way through my blog!

I hope you enjoy going through my posts. You can write to me and can give me feedback (which I would really love) at fatesbeautyspree@gmail.com 

Please give feedback on the blog's layout as well. I designed it myself and I would really like to know what changes would you like.

Looking forward to hear from my wonderful readers! :)