Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Protect your hair with Yong Chin's Hair Repair Serum! [REVIEW]

[Hello my lovelies
The product that I will review today is Yong Chin's Hair Repair Serum.

Yong Chin
First off, I am sure Yong Chin is not a name that you have heard before......at least I had not until I came across its wonderful product at Naheed's Super Market.
To be honest, I went for it cos it was cheap plus it looked cute :P
It comes in a transparent bottle with a Ginseng root that makes it look like a herbal product.
Before further discussing the product, I would like to share something about Yong Chin. Yong Chin is a subsidiary of M.S.Beauty Line which is a company based in Thailand.
According to M.S. Beauty Line;
M.S.Beautyline provides a wide range of color cosmetics and skin care products under brand “ YC" and "Juice Up" with marketing support services.
And we are professional of Private Label (OEM) for your own brand. We made more than 100 Brands in many countries as U.S.A., Dubai, Pakistan, Oman, Japan, Sudan, South Africa etc. We can create all of you need from your idea to be Quality Product, we have experience designer to support your idea, we have professional shipping team, we are skin care one stop service for you.

Yong Chin's Hair Repair SerumOhkaayyy, coming back to Yong Chin's Hair Repair Serum (Product ID: YC072), as soon as I got back home from Naheed's, I applied it in my hair and voila! my hair started looking shiny and they untangled easily. You must be thinking how much of this 30ml bottle did I apply in my hair, and guess what, I just squirt it twice and I got the result.
(Note: My hair is down to my waist and I have curly-cum-wavy hair. For me, normally I have to apply hair products in huge amount due to the massive amount of hair that I have.)
However, those who have short length hair or medium hair, squirting the product once on your hand will do the job!
This Hair Serum has a Ginseng root in it. It is known that ginseng root is effective for those suffering from hair loss. I am not sure if this serum helps with that as we do not apply it in roots and just the hair. Either way, this hair product does what it claims and makes hair softer and shinier.
I am sure you will go for this product because not only is it awesome, but is very affordable as well. I got this for PKR 165 from Naheed's Super Market. So girls, go grab it ASAP.....it has become my necessity now and I am sure the same will be the case with you :)

Product Specifications

Name: Hair Repair Serum
Producer: Yong Chin
Category: Hair Serum
Price: PKR 165
Rating: 98%
Recommendation: Abso-freaking-loutely!
Available at: Naheed's Super Market, Karachi

Share your views about it if you have used it. Also, I would love to read from you about the post!! :D


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