Friday, 23 November 2012

Easy way to get french nail tip

Ever since I came across French Manicure, I have been crazy about it. In the beginning I messed my nails big time but with time I could draw the tip perfectly. Recently, I came across French Nail Tip Stickers that make life so much easier.

French Nail Tip Guide/Stickers

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Misslyn......your beauty, your color, your style!

The other day I was out buying some cosmetics from Naheed Superstore where I came across this new brand called Misslyn. I found the range quite nice so I asked for the manager's number from the sales girl to ask for permission to cover the stand. The sales girl was extremely helpful and helped me in every way that she could.
Having said that, I wanted to cover this stand because its a new brand that seems promising. I have tried to take swatches of almost all the products and I hope the swatches will tempt you to visit the stand and grab a thing or two like I did :)

Here goes.....
Misslynn counter at Naheed Super Market

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bloggers' Meetup at Roohi's Day Spa For WEN Hair Care


I have been away for a considerable amount of time and have not been able to post any review for quite some time. Hopefully, from now on I will be posting atleast one post per week.

This time around, my post is about my first Bloggers' Meetup. The meetup was held on Saturday, 14th July, 2012 at Roohi's Day Spa and was organised by Cosmo Group. Zainab from Zainabism, Rabeeyah from Rabeeyah's Blog and Sidrah from Beauteous Blog were there as well and my friend Samra was also there with us. The Meetup was hosted by Sarah and Kanwal who were amazing with all of us and we all were gossiping and chatting as if we had always known one another.

The Meetup was about WEN hair care and all of us were treated with hair wash using WEN Cleansing Conditioner and WEN Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment was used to retain moisture and shine.

WEN Hair Products In Sweet Almond Mint

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sleek Pout Polishes in Chocolate Kiss, Electro Peach and Perfect Plum [Swatches and Review]

Heyyyyy Girllss!!
Its been a long time since I last posted something here. Busy Busy Busy!! :D
So my makeup collection has thrived and God it feels soooo good to  be back! I can almost feel energy penetrating through me, know what I mean? 
So, the first review that I have brought for you after a long break is on Sleek Pout Polish! Well, I am a huge fan of Sleek Makeup as it is VERY affordable and it has amazing range of products with a huge variety of colors :)
The colors that I chose out of the many Pout Polishes are; Chocolate Kiss, Electro Peach and Perfect Plum.
Sleek makeup's Pout Polishes

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Patience?.........*scratches head*

I know this is a beauty blog but its also a forum for me to share my views. This time around its not really about "beauty" but for me, beauty of character is just as important.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Picture Polishes I won

In the previous month, Sara Hassan's Blog had a Picture Polish Giveaway which I won luckily. I got a chance to select three shades of nail polish. I chose Vampire, Marine and Shamrock and I can't take them off at all!
Sorry for the delay in sharing, had my exams.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My most extensive Haul EVER!!

While I was writing "new year resolutions" post, I just remembered that I had to share with you guys my haul of the year. I would call it the most extensive haul of the year :D atleast for now ;)

Monday, 2 January 2012

Cosxmeceutique Haul

Yesterday I went to Naheed Super Market and  was purchasing my usual Cosmeceutique Face wash when I found out that they had a deal going on. So I purchased a facewash, one sunscreen, acne marks remover and skin fairness cream.