Monday, 7 November 2011

Color Studio launches Color Rush Lipstick [Swatches]

So on Thursday when I read about Color Studio's launch of their Lipsticks, I knew I had to go and have a look. They launched their nail colors during before Eid last time.

I went to Naheed Super Market today and loved the color range that Color Studio has launched. The Lip Color range if called "Color Rush Lipstick" and touches every hue from nude to vibrant colors.

There are 18 colors in total (the numbers below are as they will be shown in the pictures as below);
01 Danger lady
02 Dazzle
03 Love Dust
04 In Vogue
05 Vixen
06 Acapulco
07 Desire
08 Tease me
09 Drop Dead Gorgeous
10 Knock Out
11 Eternal Love
12 Intense
13 Diva
14 Rush
15 Runway
16 Tornado
17 Bomb Shell
18 Jet Setter

Swatches of Color Studio Lipstick- All Eighteen Colors (with Flash)

Swatches of Color Studio Lipstick- All Eighteen Colors (with Flash)

Swatches of Color Studio Lipstick- Drop Dead Gorgeous (09) Eternal Love (11)
Diva (13) Runway(15) Bomb SHell(17)
(with Flash)

Swatches of Color Studio Lipstick-
Intense(12) Rush(14) Tornado(16) Jet Setter(18)
(with Flash)

Swatches of Color Studio Lipstick-
Danger Lady(01) Love Dust(03) Vixen(05) Desire(07)
(with Flash)

Swatches of Color Studio Lipstick-
Dazzle(02) In Vogue(04) Acapulco(06) Tease Me(08) Knock Out(10)
(with Flash)
Since I liked almost all the colors so I went for the bright Orange shade that I have been dying for- Jest Setter!! Read review here.

The Lipsticks cost 450 PKR

I hope this post was fun and informative! Stay connected with Color Studio via Facebook.
Share your views about it if you have used it. Also, I would love to read from you about the post!! :D


  1. WOW!!! those lips colors look gorgeous! thanks for the amazing post! <3

  2. This is sooo helpful! I already like a few shades, thanx for the great swatches!

  3. You are welcome Sidrah!! :)

    The colors are awesome....and I like how I can play with the lip colors keeping them light medium or dark as per occasion :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the swatches. <3

  5. I love these shades!! Thanks for sharing hun!

  6. You guys are welcome! :D

    I did this post because I think swatches help the most when it comes to online shopping :D

  7. lipcolors are gorgeous...
    lovely swatches

  8. plz show lip swatches as well


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