Wednesday, 21 September 2011

COLOR STUDIO's Mojito and Sky Blue! [NoTD + Review]

Hey Everyone....
I went to Dolmen Mall the other day just because I had to purchase Color Studio's Amazing Nail Colors.
I bought two colors, but boy am I in love with the rest!! I am sure I will be purchasing one or the other with every visit to Dolmen which is every other week usually :)

The two Colors that I bought were Mojito and Sky Blue and I am completely in love with them! :D

Color Studio- Sky Blue

Color Studio- MOjito

The ring finger has Mojito on it while the index finger has Sky Blue
My View about Color Studio's Nail Colors
The colors are Amazing!! (with a capital A) :P
However, the consistency is very takes a hell lot of time to dry and needs two coats so you have to have time before applying these nail colors. But I have got to say, once applied, these look awesome!! People fall in love with your nails and even if you are getting praised for your nail color, it definitely boosts your confidence and morale.....I am in love with these colors and even though I am not a fan of wasting time in drying nail colors I am a sucker for Color Studio!!
Plus, for 250 each with such an awesome range of colors, Color Studio has done a tremendous job!

Product Specifications

Name: Color Studio's Nail Colors
Producer: Color Studio
Category: Nail Colors
Price: 250 PKR
Rating: 90%
RecommendationIf you like to try out new colors, then you will love these
Available at:  Park towers, Karachi
                 Dolmen Mall, Karachi

UPDATE: Color Studio is also available at Naheed's Super Market. It costs 225 PKR over there instead of 250 PKR like I got it from Dolmen

Share your views about it if you have used it. Also, I would love to read from you about the post!! :D

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