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Artdeco Blush- 13 [Review + Swatches + Video]

My personal favorite......ARTdECO!

First off, let me tell you guys about ARTDECO. When my friend asked me which blush I was wearing and I told her ARTDECO, she was like "Is it a good brand, because the blush looks amazing"....My first thought while writing this blog post was, people might not know about ARTDECO but let me assure you, it is one of the best brands I have used.

Artdeco Blusher 330.13, Brown Orange
Artdeco is a German based brand and has an amazing range of products. Not only do they have basic makeup products, they also have refillable products. The refillable products include the magnet boxes that I am soooo in love with and am definitely going to purchase one soon. They have eye shades and blushers in magnet pans which sticks to the magnet box and helps you have your own customized box of blusher or eye shades.  I love this idea and the colors are to die for! The boxes are available in plain black at Naheed. I will check at Agha's if they have more designs available.
They also have an amazing mineral makeup range which is great. The colors in that one are amazing as well. I will buy some more ARTDECO soon :)
Then there are bronzing products and finally the Glamour Collection which is WOW! Honestly!
They also have skin care products and hand and foot care products as well.
You can learn more about ARTDECO on their website.

Now moving on to the most desirable part....the review :)

About the blush;
The blush is called 330.13, so basically you have to look for the blush which has number "13" on the upper right corner of the lid. The blush's name is "Brown Orange Blush" but this is not specified anywhere on the blush.

The blush comes in a plastic pan with magnet at the back to help the pan attach itself to the magnet box. Th e blush is covered with a clear plastic lid and you have to slide it in order to use it. It's net weight is 5gm or .17oz. Like the name suggests the blush is brown orange, but it is so subtle and looks soo amazing when applied. I apply it all the time during day. The color is very light and its not completely matte, it has a little shimmer in it. I was not gonna buy this one because I wanted a completely matte one while this had a little shimmer. Still, I bought it anyway because I had a lot of cash that day :P

Magnet at the back of the pan

The picture shows how the lid slides open

So, when I got home and applied it, I was like wow this looks great and since then I have been getting awesome compliments on this. It gives a nice subtle glow to the face and makes your skin look healthy. It is the vital part of my bag along with a gloss :P

So basically if you are looking for a blush that will make you look fresh and healthy then this is exactly the shade that you are looking for. The texture is extra smooth, I like the texture a lot better than Sleek's blush. It lasts for about 4 hours. Maximum 5 hours. My skin type is oily so that might become a time reducing factor. I think it will look good on all skin tones, because if it gives a glow and a slightly flushed look to me then it might act as a peach or orange shade for those with lighter skin tones. For those with darker skin tones, it will make their cheeks look luminous!

Artdeco Blush swatched on my wrist

I got this blush from Naheed Super Market for around 750 PKR. I don't remember the exact price cos I got it last month I think. It's an absolute must-have! I am bound to buy more of ARTDECO's products soon. *Fingers Crossed*

Product Specifications

Name: Artdeco Blush
Producer: ARTDECO
Category: Blush
Price: 750 PKR (will confirm the price soon)
Rating: 101%
Recommendation: All those who like soft blush and don't like going bold during day, must have this one
Available at:  Naheed Super Market

Share your views about it if you have used it. Also, I would love to read from you about the post!! :D


  1. it is nice color ..more towards nude than bronze ..right??

  2. yea.....and it is amazing for almost all skin tone. and I think the color will vary on everyone with different skin tone. Either way since many of my friends tried so I know for a fact that it looks awesome on every one.

  3. nice review! love the color of the blush!:)
    i wish u'd increase the font size a bit,have to strain the eyes to make out the tiny font:(

  4. Ty for sharing ..i like such shades

  5. @rakhshan....guess you are right.....I will change the font size :)
    Thanx alot for the siggestion :)

    @cheeky chic.....thnx for your comment....I am a sucker for peach and coral shades as well

  6. I've awarded you the Liebster Blog Award!:)

  7. I've awarded you the Liebster Blog Award!:)

  8. hello fatima!
    check out and respond asap!:)

  9. i got artdeco blush from naheed store in 890rs.

  10. i got artdeco blush from naheed store in 890rs.

  11. Probably the price has increased..........inflation :O


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