Monday, 12 September 2011


I have got one word for it............HEAVENLY!! :)) *day dreaming* :P

I was looking for a nice body scrub when the sales girl at The Body Shop introduced me to this Body Polish, when I opened the lid and smelled it I was like, "I am buying this!"......the smell of this Strawberry Body Polish is sooo exotic!! I fell head over heels in love with its scent.
This was why I bought this product, I didn't care if it was good or not, I just wanted it for its scent. But when I got back home and used it I knew this Body Polish will become a necessity from now on.
So I used the Body Polish anticipating that it will just give me a nice scent but it was way more than that. The granules are not as hard as they are in other scrubs, there are Kiwi seeds and Walnut shells that act as the scrub. It is a foaming scrub which not only cleans your body's skin but exfoliates it and leaves it soft and shiny.
Once done with using the thing, what I noticed was that my skin felt way more smoother and looked a tad bit shiny as well. When followed with Body Shop's Body Lotion, it gives amazing effect and keeps your skin hydrated.

The picture shows crushed Kiwi seeds and Walnut shells
What The Body Shop has to say about STRAWBERRY BODY POLISH:

  • Best if you want to: Cleanse and exfoliate with a foaming, gel-based scrub that has crushed walnut shells and kiwi seeds and a light strawberry scent.
  • Best for: normal skin, suitable for everyday use
  • How it works: 
    • Strawberry juice is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to protect and nourish skin, as well as pore-cleansing salicylic acid; provides natural strawberry fragrance and red color.
    • Community Trade organic honey moisturizes and conditions skin.
    • Sunflower oil and sweet almond oil moisturize and soften skin.

Once you use it, I am sure you will love it and will feel the same about it as I do.
One draw back of this Body Polish is that its quite pricey, and if you want to buy cream to use after the body polish then the combination becomes a little expensive.
I got Strawberry Body Polish for PKR 1290
Since the product is soooo amazing, its totally worth the expenditure! :) Our body needs pampering as well, doesn't it ? :P

Product Specifications

Name: Strawberry Body Polish
Producer: The Body Shop
Category: Body Polish
Price: 1,290 PKR
Rating: 100%
Recommendation: TOTALLY!!! :D
Available at: The Body Shop- Park towers, Karachi
                    The Body Shop- Dolmen Mall, Karachi
                    The Body Shop-webiste

Share your views about it if you have used it. Also, I would love to read from you about the post!! :D


  1. This looks sooo yummy. Will have to get one now for myself! thanks for sharing <3

  2. :) you should get this.....its amazing

  3. OMGGGG This must smell soooo yummy! The texture looks interesting too!

  4. It is totally worth a sure everyone who tries it will fall in love with this product :)


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