Thursday, 4 August 2011

Luscious Cream Eye Liner Pencil....TWILIGHT for your eyes! [SWATCHES 'n REVIEW]

I went to Naheed's to get some stuff for my Mom and I could not resist the urge to roam around the cosmetics area, nor could I make my self not buy something for a change :P
So I ended up with Luscious' Cream Liner Pencil for Eyes in TWILIGHT!

I actually had to buy something that was neither too black nor too silver. Which is why as soon as I took a look at it I knew I had to purchase it.

Not only is the color amazing, but the texture is also great. It glides on skin easily and gives a soft smooth look. I apply it a little on the corner of my eyes and blend a small amount of it on the extreme end of lower eye lids. This gives a soft smokey look. You can use it with other colors if you want. It looks great as it is neither jet black nor is it silver. Rather, the black and silver blend in to give a grayish black color.

Without Flash

With Flash

Product Specifications

Name: Luscious Liner Pencil for Eyes - TWILIGHT
Producer: Luscious
Category: Eye Pencil
Price: PKR 215
Rating: 90%
Recommendation: Those who don't like the jet black pencils or want to go for a soft day look will love this pencil
Available at: Naheed's Super Market, Karachi
                                Luscious' Website

You can locate a store closest to yours, where Luscious' products are available, from Luscious' Store Locator

Share your views about it if you have used it. Also, I would love to read from you about the post!! :D


  1. Must buy this. It looks great. I have it in rockstar which I luurve.

  2. Thnx for posting comment Pandora Box :)
    I was about to buy ROckstar when I came across this one and thought time around ill definitely purchase rockstar

  3. Wow great review. I'm following you now.
    Would love if u follow back

  4. Thanx Remy
    Nic eblog you've got there.... :) I am following yours too :)

  5. Hey I don;t see the google friend connect option on your blog :O


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