Monday, 25 July 2011

Secret of Luscious Lips.......Luscious Plumping Lip gloss! [SWATCHES 'n REVIEW]

When it comes to makeup, one might ignore every other product, but a lip color is a necessity which must be present even in your bag while you are on the go.
Luscious cosmetics appealed to me the very first time I visited their website and I bought a couple of their products which I am really fond of. Whenever going out, I normally use their Plumping Lip Gloss in a sweet orange shade with a dash of red, this one is called "Water Melon Ice".

Luscious' Water Melon Ice is a soft orange-cum-red with a hint of shimmer. It is described as a peachy pink shimmer by Luscious.

It has mint extracts which leave a tingling sensation on your lips for around 40 minutes. I have kept a track of it a couple of times and the average time that you feel the mint is 40 minutes. The mint extracts also work on your lips to give them a fuller look and leave you with a perfect, plump pout! The lip gloss stays for 2 to 3 hours approximately.
Water Melon Ice can be worn lightly or you could apply in a little more quantity on your lips. If applied lightly it gives a soft orange shade when applied in excess it gives dark orange-cum-red shade.

Without Flash
With flash

You can also apply it over other colored lipsticks if you want to go with a pout in another color, it looks really good when applied on other colors as well.
I got Luscious' Water Melon Ice from Naheed Super Market and it cost me Rs. 345.
If you order it online from Luscious' Website you will get it for Rs. 375, but then you can order any color you like. There were only three shades available when I went to purchase it from Naheed Super Market this time around. Plus, Luscious ships free nationwide!
Luscious Plumping Lip Gloss is a keeper!

Product Specifications

NameLuscious Plumping Lip Gloss- WATER MELON ICE
Producer: Luscious
Category: Lip Gloss
Price: PKR 345/375
Rating: 90%
Recommendation: Gives a great pout!
Available at: Naheed's Super Market, Karachi
                                Luscious' Website
You can locate a store closest to yours, where Luscious' products are available, from Luscious' Store Locator

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  1. Have this in cherry biscoti and iced mochaccino.

  2. I like iced mochaccino as well :)


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