Thursday, 5 January 2012

Patience?.........*scratches head*

I know this is a beauty blog but its also a forum for me to share my views. This time around its not really about "beauty" but for me, beauty of character is just as important.

I am a person who would love to wait in a line for hours if there is no tension that there will be people pushing their way in the line. I'd rather spend a few more bucks than going through the hassle of being in a constant torture while waiting in the line for something.

There are a couple of incidents that have tested my patience at levels I am unable to tolerate. I understand how illiterate people can be pushy and wild when it comes to staying in the line but how can college and university students stoop so low? I fail to understand! I mean seriously, when I go to a bank or wherever the first thing I tell myself when I start flaring up is that "No, I am a literate person and must prove so."

So all of you must know about the recent CNG strikes and all. Since my car is causing problem while on petrol and with my Dad being out of city, I have to use CNG only. So the other day when I heard about the strike, I went to the nearest CNG station as I had to go shopping with my Mom the next day. While I was waiting for my turn a car came and got in the line in front of me, the CNG station's employee kept telling him to get in the line but he ignored the employee completely. (Please note: there were only 3 cars behind me). The CNG station's employee came and apologised to me, I was pretty okay with it considering a car in front of me could only waste maximum 5 minutes of my time.

For some reason all other such instants came flashing back and when the guy's car was being filled, I went up to him and asked him in the most polite manner ever, why he got in the line just like that when there were only 3 cars behind mine. I told him I was okay with what he did but I just wanted to know what benefit he got. The guy just kept staring at me cos he had no answer. He replied after taking a good 50 seconds, (I know that cos I saw the clock that was on the wall) that he did not know that he was pushing his way in the line. That was too hard for me to believe plus I had proof in the form of that employee asking him to get back in line which I shared with him and he stayed silent. The man was in his late 50's along with his wife and his daughter. I asked him blatanlty (considering my Dad would never have done this in front of me, as he always tells us to be patient and stuff) that what kind of example he is setting for this kids and he was like "I am teaching them k 'jahan moqa milay us se faida uthaen n apna rasta banaen' " and all I could say was "I rest my case"

On the other hand, while I was at Standard Chartered the other day, there were two men aged somewhere over 60. I was there first so while I was depositing money, there came a problem with the credit card number. I had to call my dad to confirm the number, they could have budged in and I would have been okay with it but they kept waiting, I asked them to go ahead first till I straightened things out. Once I was done, the second man gave me space to deposit cash even though I told him it was okay for him to go first. He even helped me exchange a 1000 rupee note as the machine was not accepting it.

From the above two events I think it is education and family values that you eventually show from your actions. But seriously, what is it with us Pakistanis? Why do we look for short cuts? Why do we need the easy way out for everything? I mean even when it comes to education, we want "notes" to rote learn. We are better than that! We MUST change ourselves at least, I want to change others but there are so many flaws in myself that I feel its better to change myself first. This is just one small aspect that can change our lives. Becoming patient is extremely difficult, learn to be patient and you will be successful in so many arenas.

They say,
"Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting"
After reading the line above, ask yourselves how many of you are patient? Even if you are not, there is always room to improve and its never too late :)

How many of you agree? Please Share your views


  1. Thanks for sharing tells me there is every breed of manners around..:D

  2. OMG! I can't believe the justification that man gave for his actions in front of his family. Aaagh! ppl like him make me so mad. Hats off to you for walking up to him and questioning his actions.
    How come these same pakistani awaam respect the lines and rules when overseas? Guess they only understand rules with fines. I also hate it when educated people throw litter.
    I was once waiting outside a shop for my car to arrive and this seemingly educated man of about 40 was munching on his KFC burger and just threw the packaging and the disposable Pepsi glass right out the window. The dustbin was 3 steps away. He just didn't want to bother. So I walked up to his car, gathered all his garbage, gave him a dirty look and threw it in the dustbin right in front of him. Instead of feeling ashamed he yelled "CDA ne aaj kal bohot cute chicks safai k lkye rakh lee hain" I too rest my case.

  3. @vale thank you for commenting :) You have got a nice blog :)

  4. @pandora's box

    R u serious??? That is repulsive!!! I mean first the guy did the wrong thing and later instead of realising that he had done something wrong or just staying mute; he actually had the guts to say that :O


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