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Sleek Pout Polishes in Chocolate Kiss, Electro Peach and Perfect Plum [Swatches and Review]

Heyyyyy Girllss!!
Its been a long time since I last posted something here. Busy Busy Busy!! :D
So my makeup collection has thrived and God it feels soooo good to  be back! I can almost feel energy penetrating through me, know what I mean? 
So, the first review that I have brought for you after a long break is on Sleek Pout Polish! Well, I am a huge fan of Sleek Makeup as it is VERY affordable and it has amazing range of products with a huge variety of colors :)
The colors that I chose out of the many Pout Polishes are; Chocolate Kiss, Electro Peach and Perfect Plum.
Sleek makeup's Pout Polishes

Sleek Makeup's Pout polish- Chocolate kiss, Electro Peach and Perfect Plum

Sleek Makeup's Pout polish [L-R] - Chocolate kiss, Electro Peach and Perfect Plum
Well, what can I say the names say it all!! Chocolate kiss a sweet brown color that literally looks like you have had a chocolate kiss ;) Electro peach is a peach with a dash of red in it. It looks shockingly red in the pan but looks natural on the lips. Almost like you have natural pinkish red lips. Perfect Plum is a very nice plum shade that I normally go for at night or when the rest of my make-up is minimal.
Sleek Makeup's Pout polish (Flash) [L-R] - Chocolate kiss, Electro Peach and Perfect Plum  
The picture above shows how the pout polishes look like in Flash.
Sleek Makeup's Pout polish SWATCHES (without Flash) [L-R] - Chocolate kiss, Electro Peach and Perfect Plum 
The picture above is a swatch of the three shades without flash and below are the swatches WITH flash!
Sleek Makeup's Pout polish SWATCHES (with Flash) [L-R] - Chocolate kiss, Electro Peach and Perfect Plum  
I love all the three shades because I can wear them during any time of the day and with or without a lipstick under them. These polishes smell of vanilla which is why they are soo yummy!! The formula does not feel heavy on the lips except for electro peach I guess because once I tried to build it up for more color and I felt like I have oil on my lips but if you go for normal two to three swipes, it does not feel like its there on your lips yet the color comes out perfectly.

As for the amount, these will last ages I guess. Because they are sooo much, like 10 gm which is ALOT!!

One thing that I do not like about these is that, they stay on for no longer than 1.5 to 2 hours and I have to carry these with me. Also, I have to keep a brush with me for these or use my hands which kind of gets messy and unhygienic. If they could offer these in tubes or could offer a small brush with it then it would have been more appropriate.

Apart from these two problems, I love these and would definitely buy them again, IF I run out of these, that is. :P

You can get these for $6.5 from Sleek Makeup's website or from Beauty Unleashed for PKR 850.
Share your views about it if you have used it. Also, I would love to read from you about the post!! :D


  1. Chocolate kiss look amaazing! Great review!

  2. Looking Good! Electro Peach looks super pretty!

  3. Looking Good! Electro Peach is super Pretty! <3

  4. wao looks lovely... chocolate kiss is pretty one

  5. wow fatema its superb, im urs new follower it wud be great if u follow me back xoxo

  6. Great picks, I love electro peach it's just like this one tender tone by mac.

    Newest follower :)

  7. They all look so lovely...would love to try Electro peach!! :)


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