Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Picture Polishes I won

In the previous month, Sara Hassan's Blog had a Picture Polish Giveaway which I won luckily. I got a chance to select three shades of nail polish. I chose Vampire, Marine and Shamrock and I can't take them off at all!
Sorry for the delay in sharing, had my exams.

I love all three of them. I like shattering Marine with OPI' black! Looks off the hook!
Vampire looks appealing whether you are wearing light colored dress or dark. Shamrock is the one I enjoy the most! Its the same color as Pakistan's Flag, well, close anyway. The name "shamrock" suggests the color.
It looks great with light colored dresses usually. I wore it on the same green as itself and it rocked!!

As for the longevity, I am a girl who has to do ALOT of things indoor and outdoor, considering this nothing stays on my nails for more than 1 and a half day. This, however, managed to stay for about 2 and a half day so it is better than most of the nail colors I have used I guess. I will share all of the swatches on the next few days :)

I love picture polish for the amazing color variety that they have and would like to thank Sara and Picture Polish for these amazing nail colors! :D

P.S. Even though I won it but I had to pay custom charges, so there is no favouritism involved in this review. My review is entirely my opinion and has not been affected because I won the above.

Share your views about it if you have used it. Also, I would love to read from you about the post!! :D


  1. Nice post =) I would love to see the swatches =) and a big congratulations on winning these beauties =)
    I am also having a giveaway on my blog for nail art kit, you are most welcome to participate.

  2. Sahrish, I will share the swatches pretty soon :)

    and thanks for sharing about your give-away


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