Friday, 7 October 2011

How I accidentally landed in a SPREEE!! :D

Okay people I am back after like about 10-15 days.
I recently bought some more stuff from Naheed Super Market when Mom took me as her driver there. So here is another one of my makeup haul! :D

Okay, so I bought;
1. Golden Rose Perfect lasting Lipstick (# 132)- PKR 220/=
2. Golden Rose Ultra brilliant Volume Tube Lip Gloss (# 08) - PKR 320/=
3. Golden Rose -Paris nail Lacquer- PKR 120/=
4. Luscious Blush (Peach Melba) -PKR 475/=
5. Luscious Cream Eyeliner- Black Onyx- PKR 220/=
6. Etude Volume Up Mascara PKR 250/=
7. Etude Studio Fix Makeup Stick -PKR 615/=
8. Golden Rose Silky Touch Compact Powder - PKR 395/=

I love all these things and will be reviewing them soon, except for the stick and the mascara which were bought by my cousin. However, I used both of them so I will do a review on both in a single post soon :)

I reviewed Luscious Cream Eyeliner Pencil in TWILIGHT, the Black Onyx however is purely black and can be used as kajal too.

Until my next post, take care ....:)

Share your views about it if you have used it. Also, I would love to read from you about the post!! :D


  1. lovely haul..would lov 2 see reviews..

  2. Great haul. Will wait for the reviews. Espacially for the luscious peach melba blush.

  3. thnx guys :)

    @ pandora box, I will review it ASAP :)

  4. great things did u manage to get golden rose in 220 they are costing it no less than 315 in RWP/ISB

  5. erm, well they sell for that price here :O
    n I knw its the real thing because Naheed Super Market is so reliable when it comes to product authenticity.

    Thnx for commenting :)


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