Friday, 7 October 2011

Go Coral with SLEEK's Blush in Coral [Review + Swatches]

They say the most awaited things are usually the best. I have been dying to review this blush for such a long time.......

Sleek Blush (Coral)- Errr I put the cushion under just to make the packaging a little more obvious :)

SLeek Blush (Coral) -Upside Down
I must say I am in love with Sleek Makeup! Everytime I use something that is "Sleek", it turns out to be AWESOME! :D
So, I ordered this one from, and I must say these people are amazing at what they do. You can read about my experience with them here. I applied this blush as soon as I got it, and I have been applying it ever since. The blush weighs 0.27 oz/ 8 gm. which is enclosed in a black case of 2.5 x 1.77 inches. It's height is 1cm. It has a mirror as well which is quite handy if you keep it in your handbag while you are on the go

Sleek Blush (COral)

 About the blush, the shade that I got was Coral. I had originally ordered Rose Gold but they said it out of stock so I ordered this one instead. The blush looks darker when in case but when applied it gives an amazing glow to the cheeks. Its neither orange nor peach. Rather, its a nice mixture of pink, orange and peach. It looks really nice when applied. If you keep a light hand, it just gives a soft glow to the cheeks, which is normally what I am looking for. Still I don't use it a lot during days. I go for Artdeco's blush during day time. I will be reviewing that one next.

Sleek Blush (Coral)- Added this one only cause I like the picture :P

SLeek Blush (Coral)- Swatched on finger

Sleek Blush  (COral)- Swatched on finger
 The blush is very smooth and feels good on skin. I don't have to worry that I am looking like I have painted my face or something when wearing this. It can be used as a bronzer as well. I have used it as a bronzer and it looks really good.

Sleek Blush (Coral) With Flash- Kinda Invisible here :O

Sleek Blush (Coral) Without Flash

The above picture shows exactly how it looks on cheeks. You can apply it in a smaller amount for a lighter effect. How you want to apply it and when, it is your call.....but either way, it is certified to look amazing!

I am soooo glad I purchased this one. Next I will  be ordering Rose Gold pretty soon :)

So I got this for PKR 999/= .....why not say thousand instead? It's an amazing marketing tactic, though it seems stupid, but it gives  stupendous results!

It costs $6.50 (i.e. almost 570 PKR) when you order from Sleek's website. I would recommend that if you are going for a lot of sleek products then order directly from sleek's website. They have amazing service. The package reaches Pakistan between 10-15 days which is okay because you can order a lot of stuff that is not available at plus it will save you some cash as well.

Product Specifications

Name: SLEEK Blush
Producer: Sleek MakeUP
Category: Blush
Price: 999 PKR or $6.50
Rating: 100%
Recommendation: All those who love peach and orange shades should definitely have this one in their stock
Available at:

Share your views about it if you have used it. Also, I would love to read from you about the post!! :D


  1. This is such a beautiful shade :)

  2. Yea totally!

    THnx for commenting :)

  3. Awesome it long lasting?

  4. If you have kept a light hand on it then it lasts for around 2-3 hrs and if you have "really" put it on, then lasts for a good 8 hours (personally experienced that) and its okay for me if it lasts that long

  5. :) anytime :)
    I love your comments :)

  6. I love the colour it's very pretty :)


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