Friday, 15 July 2011

Flaunt Beach Look this summer with Garnier [Review]

Hello Ladies!

Its summer and it always gets me thinking the kind of hairdo will suit me during summer.... So, I went shopping and was going through the shelves with hair products when I came across exactly what I have been looking for-- Garnier Fructis Style Beach Look Spray "Surf Hair". 

I tried it the very first day that i bought it. First i tried it in dry hair, and it gave the beach waves that I crave. Later, when I applied it in wet hair, it gave me awesome curls. Basically my hair texture is a mixture of waves and curly hair, so when applied in wet hair it defined my curls and made the upper half of my hair wavy. Down my nape, my hair looked like that of Slash's :P (GNR's guitarist)

It also depends on how you want to style your hair. For example, you can spray it in all your hair and then  you can style your hair with your palm for messed up beach waves or you can work through your hair using fingers through the length of your hair, this will give curls and a more tamed look. 

I got this spray from Chase up (sea-view) and it cost me PKR 240 and I will definitely buy it again I am so in love with the look it gives. So girls, grab this Beach look Spray, go out and flaunt your "Surf Hair"!!

Product Specifications

Producer: Garnier
Category: Hair Spray
Product Description: Made to give you beach waves
Price: PKR 240
Rating: 90%
Recommendation: A product you will instantly fall for
Available at: Imtiaz Super Market, Karachi
                                Chase Up Store, Sea view, Karachi 


  1. Great review :) Will try it too <3

  2. Thank should try it if you are into wavy-cum-curly hair.....It gives a perfect beach look

  3. i crave for something that would suit hair as straight as mine.. ideas?

  4. do you want to get straighter hair?
    if u want waves, then this is amazing :)

    1. I have hair which are so straight that at times they go limp.. ppl hv actually asked me if i had rebonded them :p will this work in hair like mine?

    2. It should work and it should give you beach waves but i havent tried it on someone with hair as straight as yours so I can't guarantee if it will work or not


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