Saturday, 5 November 2011

Wadup?? HEADBANDS!!!

The other day i shared with all of you how we did nail art in one of our free sessions at university. This time around it was a friend's birthday and we decided to wear HEADBANDS instead of birthday caps :)

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I am into creating stuff, so I made headbands for all my friends and the birthday girl as well. I made the headbands with whatever inventory was available at hand and it turned out great.......maybe the headbands were not as good as I wanted them to be, but we had a lot fun. All of my friends looked cute given the flowers and embellishments they were wearing on their heads :P
For this one, I made the red flower out of a lace and added ribbon to it.

I especially like this one because it looked so cute and neat

For this one, I made the flower out of a velvet piece, placed a small plastic flower in the center and added silver ribbon for extra shine :)

This one is also made out of velvet with light purple ribbon to highlight it

I love this one. It was basically a black headband, I folded a polka dots' ribbon over it and added a small velvet flower to it

Birthday Girl's Headband! :D
Finally, the clip I made

Hope you liked the post.

Share your views about the headbands :). Also, i would love to read other ideas from you guys.!! :D


  1. You are so creative! If you consider selling these, I will be the first in line! :D

  2. Awww thank you soo much :)
    i don't think they are good enough to be sold....but still thanx alot :)

    n thnx for commenting :)


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